Dennis Bembury Jr., CEO of  DRB Accounting Company, specializes in providing accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, business setups, and advice to small to mid-size companies, families, and individuals.

Always a numbers man, Dennis spent 12 years working on Wall Street, 2 World Trade Center, managing assets for the world-renowned company Dow Jones-Telerate.

As an International Data Authorizations and Restrictions Manager, Dennis was responsible for the processing of real-time financial data to provide to international clients.  He also resolved and troubleshoot administrative and technical problems, and analyzed, managed, and implemented restricted financial data contents for Dow Jones clients.

As a manager with a team of 14, he supervised and trained information coordinators in international authorization procedures. Managed projects to identify customers viewing competitive client data. Initiated collection procedures for clients with outstanding debt, coordinate cleaning and troubleshoot unauthorized access to financial data. The cleansing of data resulted in saving the company millions of dollars in potential lawsuits.

On September 11th when the World Trade building went down his life took a paradigm shift. That morning of 9/11, Dennis was running late to his office on the 53rd floor of Two World Trade. Hearing about the traumatic effects of his colleagues was hard on him, and gave him a new perspective on life. He decided to enter the self-employed world full-time which allowed him more time with his family. 

As the owner of an accounting and tax preparation company, Dennis values excellence, integrity, trust, and personal service.