MyGoTo Brands Product Authentication Reimbursement Request

In our continuous pursuit of transparency and authenticity, we are extending an exclusive offer wherein we pledge to cover your expenses (up to $35) for independent authentications of our products.

For Qualifying Brands Only - Please Read The Terms & Conditions Below
Customers must submit the Product Authentication Reimbursement Request form
within 5 days of product delivery.

The following companies are suggested to use because of their renowned reputation, quick turn-around, and reasonable price point;,, Realauthenticationcom, and, however, feel free to select a reputable service you trust. After submission of the form please allow up to 10 days for reimbursement.

Note: Please refrain from completing the Authenticity Reimbursement Form in the event of an unforeseen discovery that the product may be inauthentic or misrepresented. Instead, promptly initiate a product return refund following the MyGoTo Brands store return policy. Adhering to the prescribed return policy process and timeline is essential to ensure alignment with MyGoTo Brands' vendor dispute contract.

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Note: MyGoTo Brands reimbursement is up to $35.00.
For reimbursement write in the 'SEND TO' information based on your answer in the "Acceptable method for reimbursement section".
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TERMS & CONDITIONS: Authenticity Reimbursement Initiative: [ QUALIFYING BRANDS INCLUDE • Alexander McQueen • Armani Exchange • Balenciaga • Bottega Veneta • Billionaire Italian Couture • Burberry • Christian Louboutin • Dolce & Gabbana • Fendi • Gucci • Jimmy Choo • Off-White • Prada ] 1. Introduction Welcome to MyGoTo Brands ecommerce store ("MyGoTo Brands", "we", "us", or "our"). We appreciate your trust in our products and services. As part of our commitment to ensuring the authenticity of the products purchased through our platform, we have established the Authenticity Reimbursement Initiative ("the Initiative"). In an unlikely event that the product is found to be inauthentic or misrepresented, immediately initiate a product return refund that is accordance to our store return policy. DO NOT COMPLETE THE AUTHENTICITY REIMBURSEMENT FORM. It is important to adhere to the return policy process and time frame, so it can align with MyGoTo Brands vendor’s dispute contract. 2. Reimbursement Eligibility The Initiative offers reimbursement for products found to be inauthentic or misrepresented. To be eligible for reimbursement, customers must adhere to the following conditions: 3. Submission Timeframe and Process Customers must submit the MyGoTo Brands Product Authentication Reimbursement Request form within 5 days from the date of product delivery. Failure to comply with this timeframe will result in the forfeiture of eligibility for reimbursement refund. 4. Verification Process Upon receipt of the reimbursement request form, our team will conduct a verification of the requested uploads; invoice, images sent to your vendor, the authenticity certificate with a certification number. 5. Notification of Decision Customers will be notified of the decision regarding their reimbursement request within a reasonable timeframe following the completion of the verification process. 6. Reimbursement Refund Eligible customers will receive a reimbursement refund up to $35.00 within the 10 days from date of submission. Vendor payment funnels fees are not included. 7. Non-compliance Customers are advised to adhere strictly to the specified timeframe for submission of reimbursement requests. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the forfeiture of eligibility for reimbursement refund. 9. Reservation of Rights MyGoTo Brands reserves the right to amend, modify, or terminate the Authenticity Reimbursement Initiative at any time without prior notice. 10. Contact Us If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Authenticity Reimbursement Initiative or the reimbursement process, please contact our customer support team at [email protected]